it's been a while since I've updated this blog. Dan, and I are relaunching our blog, and just finished hosting at the Ontario International Poetry Slam. Additionally, I am working with talented spoken-word artist Mona Faith Mousa on a multi-media project. Recently, I began writing reports for Digital Journal. Hopefully by year's end a 6 week workshop that I am starting to write will also be ready to promote.

Please check out the media page for updates as they occur. Today I added an interview from CIUT FM's HOWL program which I did last year to promote Bending the Continuum. In the near future expect links from interviews with Radio Regent (Regent Park), and the Black Coffee Poet blog.


Poetic Voice Workshop March 3rd

For those curious about my upcoming workshop this is a brief synopsis.

In a period of three years I went from being a spoken-word artist to signing my first book deal. I've known far better writers who have taken as much as a decade to publish their first book. Thinking about this, I tried to rationalize why. One reason I came up with was because of my writings' clarity of voice. To be successful in poetry slams a poet needs to create a unique, yet, relate-able poetic construct fitting a small set of subjects. Bringing this skill over to the literary world gave me a huge advantage.

Recently, I began analyzing my writing philosophy, methodology, editing style, and performance techniques to better get a grasp of my personal poetic voice. Doing so, I found, and created some writing exercises. The exercises involved in this workshop will start you down a path to better understand, and take advantage of your poetic voice.

New Poets: My hope is that this workshop gives you tools to quickly develop your style, and the confidence to share your work.

Advance Poets: My hope is that this helps you codify what you're already doing -- leading to a more confident understanding of your writing, and improve the "selling" of your poetry.

Spoken Word Artists/Poets: My hope is to aid in improving the literary standard of your work, and add nuance to your performances.