Summer events, happenings, etc.,

It's been a little while since I posted here, so let's catch up on things.

First, I had a blast in February as the Writer in Residence for Open Book Toronto. I think I wrote some important work. Please go and check it out.

Others appeared to have agreed and I was asked to write an Op. Ed. for Writers' Union of Canada's Write Magazine, which will be published in their Fall/Winter edition. Pretty high praise for a writer who is not a member of any writing unions!

This Summer has been good. I volunteered at Slamtario last week. Next week, I will be performing a portion of Like Water at Parkdale's Lab Cab. And in August, I will be collaborating with SoulJahRas partner Dan D'Onorio at the Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa. Speaking of SoulJahRas, Dan and I also plan to have a listening party, where we will be sharing our various recorded projects, this August. We will be joined by a producer whose work is heavily influenced by John Cage. Soul (Dan) will be sharing his new instrumental project. I shall be sharing the whole Like Water project, and parts of Gold (the second part to my TBR series). Soul and I shall also be sharing some of the new work from our D.C. collaborations.

Currently, I'm working on a lot of projects. Most I can't talk about. I am starting work on a new novella -- even though I have not found a home for the last one that I wrote yet. Everything else I've been sworn to secrecy.

If you're new to this blog, check out all the pages -- that's where the meat of this site is. Otherwise, take care.

Peace and Respect


I'm not nervous at all. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Let's see if I can avoid getting into trouble. Seriously, I've worked really hard on the pieces that I'll be posting. I hope that my posts encourage conversation and debate, and are taken in a positive light. Wish me luck.


The anthology, new workshop series

We got a review!

'L _ _ _ - A poetic study of relationships,' compiled and edited by Dane Swan, is a collection of poems penned by different poets. Dane Swan has gathered up various poems that investigate relationships. You can read all types of poetry in this collection - from experimental poetry to Gothic to urban verse to prose poetry. The poets are also from diverse backgrounds, including slam poets, performance poets etc. Each one's unique vision adds to the compelling voice of the collection. These are contemporary poems.

It's everywhere, but I'm recommending Amazon. Don't have a Kindle? No worries.

Also, I'm starting a workshop series and we need your support! Please sign up! The first workshop is Valentine themed, depending on its success, we'll put together a spoken-word writing workshop series.

That's it for now. Take care.