Award Result, Publisher's List


It's the time of year that I disappear from Toronto and hang out with family in the Maritimes.

Unfortunately, I didn't win Grey Borders' Wanted Works competition. However, I was greeted with great news this week. Oratorealis, a spoken word and experimental poetry journal has featured A Mingus Lullaby on their "Publisher's Favourites -- Canadian Poetry 2016" list.

A Mingus Lullaby is featured in a list that features names like Vivek Shraya, and Bill Bissett.

In other news, I'm reading at Brockton Writers Series in January, and writing a spoken word/play project with fellow MXTP_CLTRS member Liz Glxy. Hopefully, we'll be sharing our project with the general public in March.

Currently, I'm sending my third poetry manuscript to US and UK publishers, while with renewed vigor, pitching my novella manuscript, Tuesday, to publishers. With Tuesday now a competition finalist, I have confidence that it'll finally find a home. It's sort of crazy, that in a year that I found disappointing, I had my first manuscript reach a literary shortlist. Not a poetry collection, but a novella. Hopefully, that portends to a successful 2017.




I just received the following email pertaining to Grey Borders' Wanted Works competition:

Hello All!

The results are in and the final five authors have been chosen. 

A decision on the winner will be announced (hopefully) by Friday September 30th on our homepage at greyborders.com . Judges comments will be emailed individually once the final announcement has been made. 

Thank you all for participating in this year's contest, and congratulations to our final five.

Lynne Viti "Shades at the Reunion/Baltimore Girls"
Dane Swan "Tuesday"
Piotr Pawlowski "Wintergreen Studio Press"
Jonathan Lepp "Hopping On"
Ken Pobo "Dust and Chrsantinums"

Congrats to all the other finalists. I really needed the good news. Hopefully, more is on the way.


My newest collection of poems, my last reading


It's been way too long. I spent my Summer editing my newest collection of poems. It's essentially complete, however, my goal this time around is finding a publisher outside of Canada.

Additionally, I'm putting together an application to an MFA in Creative Writing Program.

I have a reading in October here in Toronto and will likely slip out of town to spend some time with my parents in November or December. After a hectic Spring promoting my book, and Summer finishing my next book I could really use the change of pace.

Anyway, below is from a reading this past weekend. The footage is courtesy Mississauga's poet laureate Anna Yin.

P & R


Time to breath

I've finally reached a point where I can come up for breath. The tour went reasonably well. My workshop in New Brunswick was featured in The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton's local paper. After getting back, I had 4 readings in 6 days. And finally, I spent this past week writing and submitting a grant application.

I still have a list of things to do, but I just wanted to thank all organizers, promoters, and Guernica Edition's for helping out.

I'm nearing the end of my first draft of my next collection of poetry. Somewhere between 10-20 pages and transcribing an interview I conducted for it left to do. To call it unique would be an understatement. But, I'm getting quite a bit of confidence from a group of young, fearless poets I recently met.

I'm becoming more confident with the risks I'm making. Hopefully, people appreciate it.

Take care

P & R


Pleasant Surprise

I've had a string of good luck recently. After two great readings with Scarborough Arts and Mayworks, I stumbled across a great review of my latest collection! Written by Vincent Golphin, a link to his review can be found on my Media page.

2 weeks from setting off on my mini book tour!

Peace and respect


Jazz FM, Scarborough Arts

If you woke up early enough this Sunday, and had your radio tuned to Jazz FM in Toronto you may have caught the interview that was recorded when I visited this past week. If you didn't, no worries -- here's a link to the show.

I enjoyed my conversation with Garvia Bailey and I hope that you guys let Jazz FM know that you like their work.

Also, I noticed that my reading with Robert Priest, Dwayne Morgan, and George Elliott Clarke has been announced. This will be an event you will regret missing! Make sure to get your tickets! Sometimes I wonder how I'm invited to share the stage with such luminaries.

Take care
Peace and respect.


The first review of Mingus Lullaby!

One of my least favorite things to do is Google myself. However, occasionally I gather up the courage to have a look. Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to find a review of my newest collection, A Mingus Lullaby. I really believe in this collection. It's not perfect, but there's something about the energy of it that gives me high hopes.

Beattie's review generally agrees. Pointing out a couple moments that may have been a bit much, but liking the collection as a whole. Many thanks to Steven W. Beattie for the review and Quill & Quire for publishing it. Hopefully it makes the print addition.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to Georgia Wilder's students at U of T Scarborough. Very nervous and very excited to share my opinions on poetry and secrets about my two collections. So far, so good.

Peace and respect


Update on upcoming readings


It's been a little while since I've posted here. I visited my parents at my mom's place in NB, I had a birthday, the collective that I founded has a name (MXTP_CLTRS), and I confirmed some gigs! My goal is 20 readings this year, to promote Mingus Lullaby and we're getting there!

Feb 13, Toronto Urban Book Expo (North York Central Library)
Mar 1, Burdock (w/MXTP_CLTRS) Special guests Jennifer Hossein and Spencer Butt
Mar 21, Common Readings
Apr ? (w/MXTP_CLTRS) TBA (EDIT: Apr 19, Hirut) - w/ Pat Connors, others
Apr 28, Scarborough Arts
April 30, May Day Committee Celebration (As part of MayWorks)
May 18, Sawdust Readings (Ottawa)
May 22, Words and Music (w/MXTP_CLTRS) (Montreal)
May ?, Workshop (NB) (EDIT: May 25, Taymouth Community Centre)
May 31, Art Bar
Sep 2, Brant Rant (Brantford)
Jan 11 2017, Brockton Writers

That's ten (EDIT actually 11(EDIT 12 confirmed!)) confirmed, two that I have yet to confirm and at least eight more gigs to book. It's getting harder (with multiple literary series closing their doors in Toronto and newer series becoming more and more exclusionary) to book readings. But thanks to help from others, I'm doing okay. Still no word on an official book launch, but the books have (apparently) arrived. I'm still waiting on my 10 copies and advance -- we shall see them when they appear.

One pleasant surprise is that the collective that I pieced together with Christina for a one off event actually has opened doors for me to promote my book. Most bars wouldn't book a straight poetry event, but add a DJ and performance artists and suddenly venues show interest. Now our biggest issue is finding spaces large enough for us to perform -- it's great to have some choice in where we gig!

I'm also happy that the gigs that I've booked in Toronto are all over the place. I rarely go there -- but I always enjoy myself in Scarborough. This week will be my first time reading in North York. The unconfirmed  gig in April is for a space in the east end of Toronto. Slowly but surely things are expanding. Next, I definitely want to read in Peterborough, some other small Ontario towns and the West Coast.

I'll know that I've finished promoting this book when I've shared it from BC to NYC. That's the goal.

Take care.
Peace and Respect.